you just farted really well

House Stark + Name Meanings


One day you’re going to be watching a TV Show/Movie about two codependent characters and a snarky character is introduced so you know they’re going to say something like ‘Bonnie to your Clyde’ or ‘Mickey to your Mallory’ but instead they’re going to say 'Sam to your Dean'


The fashion world has always been part of my life.


whenever i forget my headphones at home


WE are Groot.

make me choose | anonymous asked: scott mccall or jake armstrong

friends meme: 4/5 moments · ”i got my girls”

Happy 21st birthday Leeyum! 

Happy 21st birthday Leeyum! 



do you have a friend who’s usually a sweetheart but when they’re angry they’re the creepiest and the most cruel motherfucker you ever saw in your whole life

i am that friend